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There are a vast array of standing devices to choose from. With a little help from a standing aid, standing becomes much easier and provides freedom and independence.

Whether you require a sample standing aid for getting out of bed or a chair, or you need a full prone to supine assistance aid - we can provide the standing assistance aid that is correct for your situation.  We also supply Bariatric products.

Common types of standers include: sit to stand, prone, supine, upright, multi-positioning standers and standing wheelchairs.

TWS Healthcare can help with standing aids including:

  • Passive (static) stander: A passive stander remains in one place. They sometimes have casters, but cannot be self-propelled.
  • Mobile (dynamic) stander: User can self-propel a mobile stander if they have the strength to push a manual wheelchair.  Some standers are also available with powered mobility.
  • ‍Active stander:  An active stander creates reciprocal movement of the arms legs while standing.

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